Beyond the code

"Profound engineering skills are vital, but technical skills alone won't turbocharge your career as a software engineer."

"The truly successful are not only technical experts but also adopt the mindset, habits, and skills that enable them to grow ten times faster than the rest."

Through 12 highly effective, hands-on lessons,
this book allows you to
accelerate your career advancement and
become truly successful as a software engineer.

Dr. Christoph Kerschbaumer on stage

This book enables you to adapt the mindset of the successful.

Dr. Christoph Kerschbaumer is a Silicon Valley manager, software engineer, tech lead, researcher, international speaker, coach and mentor.

He has worked in the software industry for over two decades and has closely collaborated with highly skilled engineers on software projects that ship to hundreds of millions of users worldwide.

In Beyond the Code, he shares proven insights
that will set you up for success
and boost your career for a lifetime.

Dr. Christoph Kerschbaumer on stage

“Not only commit code
but also commit
to yourself!”

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“Become more than
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Beyond the Code

Setting You up for Success
as a Software Engineer

  Compiling a New Mental Program
PROLOGUE Determine Your Destination
CHAPTER 1 Write Down Your Goals
CHAPTER 2 Make Every Minute Count
CHAPTER 3 Cultivate Your Communication
CHAPTER 4 Create Solutions
CHAPTER 5 Own Your Mistakes
CHAPTER 6 Seek a Mentor
CHAPTER 7 Nourish Your Environment
CHAPTER 8 Ask Better Questions
CHAPTER 9 Be Persistent
CHAPTER 10 Don’t Take Things Personally
CHAPTER 11 Make No Excuses
CHAPTER 12 Commit To Yourself
  Summary and Outlook
AFTERWORD A Tale of Extraordinary Willpower

Design: Sabine Kerschbaumer
Editorial: Peter Saint-Andre
Photography: Werner Kmetitsch

Available as paperback, hardcover and eBook

Dr. Christoph Kerschbaumer

holds a PhD in Computer Science from the University of California, Irvine and is working in a leading position in Silicon Valley. He is performing research, education and mentoring worldwide.

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